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Message to Somalia

I have a message to our neighbors south of Border, which the nation is called Somalia. We are 2 different and separate countries, and that we respect Somalia and we have no ill feelings towards our neighbors, and we have the right to progress and move forward, and that your parliament can’t block Somaliland’s decision to build a bright future in Somaliland, and that we have tremendous respect for Somalia and wish that Somalia has peace and stability. Somalia should focus on building it’s nation and uniting its citizens by restoring and getting rid of terrorism and foreign troops in their country and they should worry about their domestic issues about securing their capital city Mogadishu, so i urge Somalia not to interfere or meddle in Somaliland’s affairs because we have that failed union almost 30 years and there is no return and that ship had sailed. Please work on your issues and stop being jealous and evil of other countries achievements and success and bitterness will not lead anywhere, Somaliland is here to stay and we must defend our nation Somaliland by all cause and i am not saying that Somalia is our enemy, however we must be vigilant and alert at this time of high tensions between the 2 nations.
Warfa Warfa, Brampton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada