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Somaliland Ignores international law and united states …….

Somaliland ignores appeals from local and international human rights organizations including a call from United States of America .. Somaliland decided to put female poet Naema Ibrahim Qorane Kangroo Court in Hargeisa …… WE APPEAL TO ALL FRIENDS OF POET NAEMA ABWAAN QORANE THAT SHE AND HER FAMILY NEED HELP MORALLY ANA FINANCIALY …….. WE ASK ANYONE WHO KNOWS HER FATHER’S EMAIL  AND  PHONE NUMBER TO MAKE THEM PUBLIC SO WE CAN START CROWDFUNDING FOR MISS NAEMA .

The United States has demanded for the release of author Mohamed Kasey Mohamud and Poet Naema Ahmed Ibrahim detained recently by Somaliland authorities.

In a tweet the US Mission in Somalia asked Somaliland to respect freedom of expression

US condemns the detention of Naema Ahmed Ibrahim and Mohamed Kasey Mohamud in #Somaliland”  the US to Somalia tweeted.

“We call on all officials to safeguard the inalienable right of #FreedomOfExpression

Last week Somaliland authorities arrested author Mohamud of a book praising Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo leadership coming exactly a week after the arrest of Naima Ahmed Ibrahim  a female poet known for her Somali unity sentiments.

Poet Naema Ahmed Ibrahim was arrested without charge on 27 January 2018 by National Intelligence Agency authorities at Egal International Airport in Hargeisa where she was scheduled to fly back to Mogadishu, according to Freemuse sources and local news and human rights organisation reports.

Additionally, the female poet has been denied visits from her family after her father gave interviews to media explaining what happened.

The female poet travelled to Hargeisa to visit her father who was recovering from an operation. Authorities arrested her when she attempted to fly back to Mogadishu where she works and performs.

The female poet moved to Mogadishu as youth unemployment in Hargeisa is high. In Mogadishu she has been able to participate in arts and cultural performances that have aired on television and radio, as well as online, which has broadened her audience outside the country. The poet has spoken out for a united Somalia.

This is not the first time artists have been arrested for traveling to the Somali capital of Mogadishu from Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland—a self-declared, though internationally unrecognised state that has distanced itself from Somalia as it is seen as a threat to their independence as long as it retains cultural unity with the country.

Most recently musician Nimcaan Hilaac was arrested in 2017 in his home town in Somaliland after having spent two years living in Mogadishu to promote his music career. According to Freemuse sources he has since been released. Previously, Hilaac had been arrested in 2015 on a trip home from Mogadishu as well and was released after a day in detention. That same year four other musicians were arrested after returning from a tour in Mogadishu. In 2016, another musician was arrested for the same travel and his interest in running for public office.


Ahmed Jigga