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New Book “Africa’s Guantanamo”

About the book:
The Author reveals the various violent actions against humanity that migrants face during their travel from the country of origin. Also he discloses the distress and difficulties they meet in the Sahara, detention centers, Mideterenian Sea and at the shores of Italy. The title of the book “Africa’s Guantanamo” refers to inhumane treatments in Libyan detention centers.
Migrants under discussion mainly came from western and eastern Africa countries like Somalia, Somaliland, Nigeria and Ghana. Eretria experiences the most migrant outflow in the continent.
The smuggling networks in the region and the case of “MAGGAFE” is also stated in the book.
The roles of migration stakeholders have been covered comprehensively:
UN and International Humanitarian Organizations
European Union and Libyan government
Migrant source countries
Migrant In-transit countries
Destination countries.




The main routes used by the migrants are also identified in the book. The migration map and borders were mentioned too. European migrant policies were also introduced. Moreover, the inhumane treatments in Libyan detention centers have been covered. Finally; conclusions and recommendations have been indicated in the book.



Author: Mohamed Omer Abdilahi (Saleban)
Hargeisa Somaliland
252 2 63 4123692