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To: Friends of Somaliland ” Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to the: United Somaliland Front U.S.F, a new government in exile,”

To: Friends of Somaliland
RE: United Somaliland Front U.S.F
World Bank, Somaliland Development Fund SDF,
February 8, 2018
Dear Friends of Somaliland:
Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to the: United Somaliland Front U.S.F, a new government in exile, and a new government organization organized by the expatriate outside in Somaliland.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the good work you have done in Somaliland, and the many developments and support given in Somaliland. We consider your organization a friend of Somaliland, and your donation is needed in this small nation. At the same time, we want to address the concerns of how the SDF Fund and Other Aid is being used by the Somaliland Administration, how it allocates to its regions, and to how the donations are used and with good intentions.
In some cases, the support you provide has been used to bribe other community leader and elders to get political support to do more mismanagement. These tactics had been used by the government by first appointing a finance minister, who is either affiliated to the government tribe, or a minister of finance that had no idea of the government investment. One of the political and economic problems is that Somaliland government never appoints a qualifying candidate for the position. Most of the Region is occupied by Samaroon, Garhajis, Arab, Dhulbahante, Warsangeli, and Gabooye. These tribes do not see your support, and they are in need of your generous investment to use for the objectives in their region proposed for the plan.
Somaliland is made up of a six-region state, and it has many tribal affiliations in the region. A great number of regions and its people have identified they have not received the support the government claimed, such as, the:” Water Project in Hargeisa”, which is said to cost over $17Million, but the people haven’t seen a drop water coming from it. One of the reasons that the project is not moving is political. The tribe, that is in the Government Party of Kulmiye, doesn’t want the water to be used first hand by the Garhajis tribe, who live in the area. Right now, the government is proposing the pipeline for the water will bypass the people in the area, and the proposal said, that after the water moves to the other tribe regions, water will be piped back in the Garhajis Area, who live next to the water area of New Hargeysa.
Most of the Somalilanders are not aware of the ongoing support that you give our nation for the past 5 years, as normally the support does not reach them in the target area, or in most cases, the target area was affiliated to the government- supporting tribe region, or the city they live in.
Somaliland has two government representatives, and we would like to meet with you to further work together so that we can guide your generous donations toward our community, and set up a meeting with our Political Action & Economic Committee to discuss further how we can resolve these issues.
Honorable President
Martin I Mohamed
United Somaliland Front. U.S.F