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New Book “The Marathon That Never Ends” Author: Mohamed Omer Abdilahi (Saleban)

How long Somaliland will remain unrecognized? How it’s far from the target? Is it on the path

that leads to the right destination? All these questions  and other FAQs around this topic will be

dealt thoroughly in this book.


In this book the Author highlights  the negative consequences  of a long period of lacking recognition and the ideal

institutional   responsibilities  regarding the recognition pursuit process. He introduces the likelihood and unlikelihood of

getting recognized within the following two decades. The Author also reveals the significant  efforts paid so far by the

government. Moreover, the book answers the questions of What, How, When and Who regarding the topic in focus. The

book provides useful information to political players and junior diplomats in the context.


The book contains 157 pages. It includes graphics and illustrative   tools.


Author: Mohamed Omer Abdilahi (Saleban) , January 10 2018, 1st edition


Author: Mohamed Omer Abdilahi (Saleban)

Administration and Finance Consultant Hargeisa”

Cell Phone 252 2 63 4123692