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The Declaration of Somaliland Independence was signed by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II on 23rd of June 1960. However, a gentleman by the name Liban Ahmed has recently (27 January 2018 – Hiiranonline) claimed that the independence of Somaliland was in dispute. He retyped and highlighted only the portion of the said declaration that was involved with the Treaties signed by Somaliland tribes and the Great Britain in late nineteen Century. But God has exposed his hideous intentions as he failed to hide the Para referring that Somaliland will be an independent country effective 26 Jun 1960.

The following is an extract from Somaliland Independence Declaration – down below. It is worth noting that the third chapter of the text of the Declaration explicitly states the following’: Quote: And whereas it is intended that the Somaliland Protectorate shall become an independent country on the twenty sixth day of June 1960 ….. Unquote. Mr. Ahmed has intentionally – but without success- ignored the independence clause in a desperate attempt aimed at denying this nation its Sovereignty.



In addition to the above, I would remind Mr. Liban Ahmed and the Southern friends of the fact that there are indisputable evidences proofing that Somaliland was independent nation prior to the union with the Italian South in 1960. In fact, the people of Somaliland have unique history and unparalleled track record in deciding on their fate. In 1884/85, they signed the world-renowned Protectorate treaties with United Kingdom. No other African nation has managed to insist on signing ONLY Protectorate Deal rather than a Colony with European Power of the nineteenth century. Parts of Yemen outside the City of Aden were the only other exception in our region; they were called Aden & the Protectorates (عدن والمحميات).

On the contrary, the Somali territories of the South were leased to the Italians by Sultan Saeed Barkhash of Oman and Zanzibar. Somalis there had no say whatsoever in the negotiations leading to the establishment of the Italian Colony with the Omans. I bet if our friends in the South could demonstrate any evidence, whatsoever, showing that their ancestors had played any role in the establishment of the Italian Colony on their land.

In 1960 and in the midst of the waves Independent throughout the African continent, the people of Somaliland have demanded and indeed obtained their independence from Great Britain (based on the Termination Clause they have negotiated and enshrined on the 1884 Treaties). Thereafter, on 01 July 1960, the nation of Somaliland represented by its elected 33 member Parliament has, in their legal and moral capacity, decided to establish a union with Italian Somaliland. However, this union has backfired and utterly failed and ended in disastrous events. Consequently, and in response of this failure, the people of Somaliland have, for the third time in their recent history, exercised their legal and moral duty and withdrew from that ill-fated Union in 1991.

It is worth noticing here that the International Community has respected the Treaties signed by the people of Somaliland way back in 1884 and also the union they entered with the South in 1960. By the same token, the International Community has no option but to honor Somaliland Declaration of Independence in 1991. It is the same people and same land; you cannot be selective on principals – cherry-picking is not allowed. It is a question of time, pending when and how the south develops a responsible government with the capacity to enter into an international agreement. More importantly, the international Community is keen to ensure that the South has the ability and willingness to honor their obligations.

Hassan Abdi Yousuf
Riyadh , KSA