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We condemn her illegal detention …………… Free Naima Abwaan Qorane aka Afbarwaaqo

On a cold  day in January ,  Niama Abwaan Qorane , kissed her parents goodbye, and set off to catch her flight back home to Mogadishu where she lives and works currently .
She never made it.
Instead, Somaliland notorious security forces from colonel Mohamed Kahin Ahmed one of the two colonels who are pulling the strings in Somaliland  apprehended the the poor girl at  Hargeisa’s Egal international  airport and transported her to Somaliland’s infamous C.I.D  prison, where prisoners are routinely tortured and women subjected regularly to sexual abuse and mentally  rape . The military junta in Hargeisa  are preparing to  sentence  Miss Niama Abwaan Qorane to two years imprisonment on vague “national security charges.” because she believes Somali Unity .
The two colonels who are colonel Muse Bihi Abdi and Colonel Mohamed kaahin Ahmed accused not long ago a major clan of isaac known as Garhajis  seeking unity with south Somalia and now they are purging from payroll of the government anyone who belongs to that clan ., its their tactic to eliminate anyone who disagrees with them
for several days now Poet Naima Abwaan Qorane  has felt that retaliation. For four days , she withstood agonizing conditions in solitary confinement: “Every day and every second she would submerge more and more in an ocean of doubt, fear, threat, loneliness and more than anything mistrust,” she told her parents  “… My wails would go unheard in that tiny, dingy, cold, grey cell … In solitary, there was a moment when I realised that there is a level of pain that I hadn’t experience before, in my wildest dreams , without a happy ending of waking up from that nightmare releasing it was just a dream ”  ……
The Government of United Somaliand Front ( USF In Exile ) condemns in the strongest terms this barbaric action of military junta in Hargeisa Somaliland and urge international community to interfere securing freedom of artist , motivator , Guru Naima Abwan Qorane as we believe the art  has no borders but most importantly we believe you should fight idea with idea not with guns and detention that can  not be  accepted in the  twenty first century .
Miss Naima Abwaan Qorane aka Afbarwaaqo was in Hargeisa to attend medical operation of her sick father
We call on every person reading this statement to unite in Poet Naima Abwan Qorane’s cause, so that we can together take actions to prevent, protect and support artists  against violence and abuse and initiate efforts to hold those responsible for the violence accountable .
Ahmed Jigga