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To His Excellency, Marten I Mohamed President of the United Somaliland Front (USF in exile ) ……

His Excellency, Marten I Mohamed
President of the United Somaliland Front (USF in exile ) and
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces in exile ,
President Martin Sir,
Somalilanders in Diaspora Organisation (SDO), Russia wishes to congratulate you on assumption of office of the President,United Somaliland Front  , following an outstanding victory in a peaceful democratic general election in exile . We believe that only a man with a vision for his country could make such a long journey, notwithstanding rigors of preceding unsuccessful attempts. We hope you will not allow actions of misguided and self-serving bureaucrats to blur this noble vision you have for our beautiful country, Somaliland .
Mr. President, your victory in this election is a proof that Somalilanders have become well informed and therefore, guided by zeitgeist in making their choice. Our national problems are many, and expectations from the President are high. Your profile, manifesto, and campaign rhetorics give us confidence that you are fully grounded on the magnitude of the tasks ahead of us all, and that you have developed solutions algorithms for them. However, permit us to share our views on some of the issues.
First, CORRUPTION. Your statement at  late television interviews : “Either Somaliland kills corruption or corruption kills Somaliland ”, gives reasons to believe that you understands the urgency with which this killer disease needs to be tackled. It would be naive to expect that your government would stamp out corruption from our system of governance in four years, but we do anticipate that within this time frame, you can give Somaliland a platform to earnestly fight this social cancer. Time for ‘window dressing’, as we have seen in the past eight  years, is over. Somaliland  needs a clear strategy to take this ‘bull by the horns’. In our opinion, such strategy should include:
A) Somaliland had two major  hard currency cash flow the first was exporting life stocks the second was Berbera port both are gone from Somaliland ledger . Mr. President Martin Sir  as you know Somaliland shilling doesn’t has gold reserves it’s gold reserves were life stock export and Berbera port therefore devaluation of Somaliland shilling is an imminent .. …
Mr. President All parameters indicate that the coffers of the Bank of Somaliland are empty. The country is facing a grave economic crisis twinned with a financial crunch. An embargo on Somaliland cattle imposed by Saudi Arabia has vastly reduced inputs of hard currency  but the situation has been worsened by the re-routing of taxes that Hargeisa should pick up from operations in the port of Berbera, which is mainly managed by the private UAE operator DP World . According to our sources, DP World indeed opened an account at Dahabshiil, an international funds transfer agency, in Hargeisa. But Dahabshiil is said to have transferred the money to DPWorld’s accounts in the UAE. As a result, DP World doesn’t declare losses in Berbera but doesn’t pay taxes on its operations in Somaliland, either. To make matters worse, Somaliland’s shilling has plunged against the dollar at a moment when the country depends more than ever on imports without hard currency cash flow source and fake solutions of Kulmiye party which are more taxation and much  more taxation  or  printing more Somaliland shilling make the situation worse that is  known as Zimbabwe death spiral ……….
Mr. President made contact and visit as soon as possible Saudi Arabia which is major market of Somaliland life stock and try to persuade them via business community to send their  veterinary doctors  to Berbera in order to control animals well being in first hand also do everything in your power to restart life stock export in full scale …………  We the People don’t have any solution for DP World send them home they are up to no good only they are sucking up hardly needed hard currency from the country say to them Adios Amigos ….
B ) Mr. President Stop increasing taxes   freeze them specially for working poor stop taxing them ,  it is the one of the three  major sources of inflation  : 1) If you tax working poor that woman selling tomatoes she will recalculate on poor consumers then the street will feel   the heat because CPI consumer price index will increase  2 ) Mr. President kill the monopolies and Cartels  major source of corruption let everybody who can participate importing basic goods like Sugar , Rice , Oil   ,  Medicine , Basic clothing …… etc just check the quality maybe you can keep monopolies  on luxury goods its against the free market but let be it  We The People prefer monopolies in tobacco then monopolies in Rice or Sugar for example  3 ) Stop cowboy pilot projects which are not based solid economic model using business model  without Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats  analysis a good example is  Burao slaughterhouse someone build uninvited bright new slaughterhouse demolished the old one but now it is catch 22 how you will share the gain with that poor woman who slaughters one goat which gains just enough for her and her family to live for day such projects were seen in Hargeisa , Borama and it is major source of inflation also mostly the owners of such projects want Dollar they will take dollar out of system they are  just another  DP world …….. If your project contributes to inflation please Somalilander stop and maybe build a hotel that is what you are good at .
Last but not least we have a proof that mobile transfer money has  zero effect on inflation or devaluation of Somaliland shilling  that will  be next article Insha’a ALLAH … WA LAAHU ACLAM .
Ahmed Jigga