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Will ” Fight the corruption ” will be Colonel Muse Bihi’s First Broken Promise ?!

Colonel Muse Bihi  repeated many times in his speeches during the campaign and now after the election that he will drain the swap by fighting corruption , Instead,  Bihi’s election is likely to feed the swamp monsters creating bigger swamps According this article :
” According to information obtained by the Indian Ocean Newsletter, the Kulmiye candidate Musa Bihi Abdi, who was elected Somaliland president on 13 November, will now have to reward the funders of his victorious campaign. In the private sector, the boss of Etablissements Djama Omar Said and Ominco Group and friend of Abdourahman Mahamoud Boreh, Djama Omar Said, is expecting the new president, who will assume office on 14 December, to reward his generosity by lowering import duties. The head of Somcable, Mohamed Said Guedi, is hoping to be awarded a monopoly on telecommunications in Somaliland (ION 1457) and numerous electricity supply contracts. And the United Arab Emirates have obtained a concession from the successor of Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud, known as Silanyo, and managed to save the DP World project to extend the port of Berbera, as well as ensuring that they can establish a military base in the city.
As for internal politics, the new president is close to the first lady Amina Mohamed Jirde and is likely to form an inclusive government (ION 1462) which features technocrats and intellectuals whose international experience outweighs traditional tribal considerations. According to our sources, he intends to appoint Mohamed Kahin Ahmed to the interior, Mohamed Abdillahi Omar to foreign affairs, Hassan Gafadhi to education, Saad Ali Shire to economic planning, Farhan Adan Haibe to aviation, and Ahmed Ismail Samatar as public policy adviser. “
As you see , there is no campaign promise that Muse Bihi  will fail to honor more flagrantly than his oft repeated pledge to fight corruption in JEGANLAND, He is violating the letter of his promise and trampled all over its spirit. His supporters ought to be furious. But few perceive the scale of his betrayal or dishonesty as tribalism  rules in JEGANLAND .​
Ahmed Jigga