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The First 100 Days of Musa Bihi Abdi Presidency

victory and his election as the 5thPresident of the Republic of Somaliland. With unprecedented 55% majority, the people of this Nation has bought into the Kulmiye Program and gave Mr. Abdi clear mandate and a blank cheque to do away with Somaliland maladies like : Tribalism, Nepotism and Corruption and lack of productivity .

The Cabinet: After the inauguration sermony, the new President will embark on the first task in office which is the formation of his first Cabinet. In this regard, I would advise the President to give top priority in selecting the new ministers to the following characteristics and values:
First: Integrity (Qummanaan)
Second: Ability (Karti)
Third: Experience (Khibrad)
Fourth: Knowledge. (Aqoon)
Secondly, I would expect a small but effective Cabinet. For instance, the following ministries should be merged, as in reality these represent a single portfolio but were normally fragmented in the previous governments:
⦁ Agriculture & Livestock
⦁ Finance & Planning
⦁ Commerce & Industry
⦁ Transport & Public works (Land, Sea, Aviation & PWD)




Reer Miyi Development: Somaliland has long neglected the plight of its rural communities. In this front, the best approach to addressing the dire needs of our rural people is as follows: Direct Access to the President Office as follows: The president should setup of DISTRICT based Rural Development Council which should directly report to him. This council will comprise of members from each district and will be entrusted with the fulfilling the President’s Vision of Foods Self-sufficiency. Somaliland could target doubling our food production in a matter of 5 years. Without going into details, this district based council with the assistance of businessmen and the Diaspora from the respective districts could enhance food production in a short period. There will be competition among various districts and the results could be unprecedented. Mr. President, in fulfillment of your election Champaign, the rural people will love to see DISTRICT based Rural Development Council that would listen to their grievances, understand and address their needs and work right in their neighborhood – while at the same time having direct connection to your office. This council should be founded within the first 100 days of your presidency.

Telecommunication Connectivity: At present, the telephone networks of various providers are not connected and you need more than two sets to communicate. This is primitive and counterproductive. Mr. President, the connectivity and synchronization of the Telecom networks should be top priority. As usual, the telecom providers will resist this change but the new leader is expected to Command and set deadlines for implementation – period!!!! The Government should open tenders to International Companies to undertake the business of installation of the Exchange and insuring that the networks of the local providers are connected to one Government controlled grid. This in term will facilitate easy and straight forward monitoring of the volume of calls made and will also ease the collection of taxes based on usage. If 1m citizens make 20 minute calls per day, @ USD 0.01 (or 1 cent) a call the government could collected USD 73m per annum. In this connection, the telecom providers should realize that this Telecom tax is VAT imposed in the citizens and not levied on them.

E-money Limitations: The government should implement the long delayed E-money limitation of Min USD 100. This will eliminate the fictitious and physiological demand for the Dollar and created demand for the Somaliland Shilling .

Hassan Abdi Yousuf
Riyadh , KSA
26 November 2017