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Irro The New Somaliland President By Mukhtar Elmi

Since yesterday Somaliland begins to go back to the dark era of civil war, and who is responsible for that is the current president SILAANYO who finished his term,he and his ruling party KULMIYE led by the fraud upcoming present of Somaliland MUSE BIHI did to the democratic presses in Somaliland a big damage, since people heard that KULMIYE the ruling party won the elections a lot of demonstrations happened in many cities in Somaliland such as HARGEYSA,ERIGAVO,BURCO,BORAMA,LASANOD. All against the results .no one will recognize KULMIYE party and the country it will have a new map. Peoples vote majorly for IRRO and waddani party but the ruling party want us to be in Kenya situation.

KULMIYE ruling party fraud candidate MUSE BIHI is not fully knowledgeable about Somaliland politics and internal security matters, let alone the security threats in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Muse bihi is not a man you can count on during difficult times, he is a dictator type and fragile and cannot take appropriate decisions in rough waters, His kulmiye party is currently in negotiation with the some clans elders to support his fraud winning elections but he filed and no one wants his ruling party who filed in many issues.

H.E. Abdirahman IRRO has the guts and audacity to restore discipline and fight corruption. Among the three presidential candidates he is the most suitable to lead Somaliland after President Silaanyo, everyone agrees IRRO and WADDANI party won the elections, but corruption held up the victory and no one well excepted, which is the bane of Somaliland’s development will become a thing of the past. Unruly and corrupt people are scared of him that’s why they fraud up the election.


I call up for the donors whom donate to Somaliland election process and also the neighboring countries to recognize the winner of Somaliland elections Abdirahman IRRO as new Somaliland president .and I believe He will make attractive investment climate in the country and set strict fiscal and monetary policies to solve the conundrums of inflation hikes and currency fluctuations.


By Mukhtar Elmi