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Hitman, From Russia With Love Abu – Lahab And Xamaalat Al Xatab

For The Record:

Before three decades ago, sometime in Feb 1982 a shaking and unexpected earthquake had taken place in Somaliland. The first rebellion, uprising and flash of freedom had lit and led by some daring men composed of teachers, doctors, Government employees and students. At that time our World was divided, and split into two camps. A helpless camp of unarmed civilians but with iron – guts; and daring warriors who were having an appointment with death. Small in number but having a cause and a worthy issue to fight for. One with God is a majority. The other Camp was fully armed with deadly weapon and sophisticated military arsenal. Like Tanks, Jet Fighters, artillery cannon, long and short range Scud – Missiles. But this killing machine were held by rotten eggs and comedian stooges that used to lick the ass – hole of the late vampire and who has no a cause to fight for. Who knows only, how to harass and terrorize the unarmed, and helpless civilians of women and children. I left my destitute shack called home, that shabby, and lumbering shack unwillingly. Dragging my toddlers with my shivering hands because of fear and cold and carrying some of them on my bent, aged and aching back. Deserted behind, everything dear and gold. Those helpless, Scared, mentally disturbed and fearful kids holding the apron strings of their mothers, had swarmed the streets of Hargeisa. This movement of struggle was facilitated due to corruption, nepotism, lack of justice and abuse of power. A ruling junta with a narrow vision and short sighted misjudgment like the present regime of Somaliland. Now and then; every day, every hour, and every minute of the present days; there is a vivid imagination of those ugly and painful days flashing back in my memory. Then I pray for those deceased heroes who paved and prepared this fruitful path of peace and tranquility.




Those heroes who had defeated the enemy and made it possible for us to enjoy the fruits of their harvest. So that, now we can stroll and walk through the streets of all towns with peace and tranquility. But as ungrateful nation we have given a bad turn to those warriors who had freed us from the shackles of slavery and humiliation. Dear reader, we are given this peace and tranquility by the sacrifice and endeavor of SNM fighters. But Mr. Silany and his regime is destroying it with ingratitude and hate. Ingratitude is a crime more despicable than revenge and it is returning evil for good. It is a horrible disease belongs to the callous rocks ! It is a poison to the soul and remorse is part of the diagnosis. Gratitude comes in a spectrum of colors but ingratitude is always black. The lack of forgiveness and gratitude leads unhappiness.



Mr. Silanyo, nowadays, you are almost going through the same route of that Evil – Empire of Mogadishu. Due to ignorance of the past and giving deaf ears to your present ordeals will never get a justifiable excuse for the ugly outcome at the end of the Marathon of your present mission of disaster. Fabricating, cultivated – misconceptions and planting seeds of hatred among family and friends will lead you to the bridge to nowhere. Dividing Somaliland into fragments, allies, and tribes that hate each other and in a Tug Of War. While the bruises of the past are not healed and the blood is not dry yet. The scars will remain the same, and the roots of ill – will, will result the same consequences as your predecessor. As far as you are playing the same tribal scenario and the same pieces of the puzzle. Dear reader, two things makes me mad and upset. When I heard some members of the Evil – Empire in Mogadishu says nowadays. Somalis are brothers and sisters that can’t spare each other. Or when I see Mr. Silanyo invites some Diaspora like Mr. Cadanni, our own Duke of Edinburgh and the Minister of propaganda to lead this nation. While the SNM veterans and their families live from hand to mouth. That is a disgusting shame, and a question crying for an answer ! Mr. Silanyo, I want back my empathic approval and applause. You are a betrayal under mask who is wearing a false eye – brows that are wet with a false honest sweat.



Dear reader, a poem is a spoken words with gravitational magnitude and phrases that projects, on to the minds of the listeners; vivid images of sounds and tuned musical harmony. That reflects the inspirations, torture or pain, and sincere feelings of a certain people in a certain time and place. If your poem is rich with boundless imagination and true feelings, with tasty flavor that touches where the shoe pinches, like professor and the deceased Gariye the great. Your listeners will see, smell, feel , and may be even taste your drawings on the clip – board of their brain. Their minds will hold those dreams that obey no boundary, and will apply a will power that couldn’t be broken. Then justice and truth will come in the name of love. Fighting with the pen and in the power of poetry, is not a crime or violence. You will hear the voices and cries of millions that are agonized by pain, fear and terror of that funny dictator or king. Singing and chanting those silky verses of yours that reflects their pain, their reflections, hope and dreams. Hatred fired in their eyes and abrupt like angry volcano. When the cracks gets longer, and the work gets harder. Then that dictator will know , what is fair and justice; after the disaster of Malta. Then they will realize that everyone is being loved in God’s eyes. Mr. Silanyo, does justices and rights have a color, ethnic, or a gender? In this age and time dividing your nation into tribes, allying with some and alienating some. Once, I asked him if I could sit under the shade of that tree naked with empty stomach, but in peace. Then he commanded me if I could run. Because he had a gun while I was waving that olive peace branches demanding for peace of mind and tranquility. When I was a teen – ager my mother always used to say. ” Listen to the voices inside you. Does it come from your heart or from your head. Dear reader, how can one’s enemy be another’s Saviour? Please elaborate how? We are a sick nation searching it’s cure from it’s arch enemy. Our brother In Law, Mr. Abu – Lahab and his better – half, Xamaalat – Al – Xatab. Dear reader, in Somaliland today, people live for tomorrow. The present is a gift to the left – over of the old, deceased, late Vampire like Mr. Cadaani. That were accepted with sorrow, like our Minister of propaganda. The personal hatred and slander of that dumb Minister of information won’t bring me down.
My splattered blood already dried on the walls, over his newly innovated and recently decorated bedroom. Where my head once collided , after my back soaked, bruised, and punched with his time Clock. A warrior must act as a mirror that reflects the emotions and true feelings of the masses. Relay their sincere message to that dumb dictator and wear the same night – vision – goggles of the masses. Follow the trails and tracks of their foot – print; not to impose his personal interest and regards to the poor masses that he represents as their mirror and Ambassador. Mr. Cadaani, you are a gold digger and a Diva that admires gold and money. Mr. Silanyo, you are the cart, and the masses are the horse. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Remember, you can take a horse to a water but you can’t make him drink. We want a leader who can hear my cracked lungs and blew my thoughts aloud, in between here and there. I believe much that the World has less to do with beauty, and more to do with action. When we left unspoken, we become phantom mannequins. Hunted not by what we said in a moment of passion, but by what we didn’t say in a moment of hushed silence. The word bites harder and barks louder. The word is not admitted for her fluff, but for her honesty. As a leader, you are there for those who are silenced daily by that tyrant, corrupted Ministers of yours who hoards the Tax – Payers money and put that dirty money in the Banks of Jibouti. That is why they can’t dare to say a word to the chief enemy of Somaliland. The bitch can stand alone while the Alpha Wolf like Mr. Silanyo, still needs his pack to lick his paws. Mr. Silanyo, as a leader, it is beautiful when you speak for those who have lost their voices like the SNM Veterans. Poems are inspirational volumes that speaks for a deserted nation, like we do. Stimulates a person’s, or a society’s principal, faith, and career. A drawings in, of a breath of freedom, and super natural force of stimulation and boost. We want you to be where your audience want you to be. It is the gasps between the breathless laughter, or the anticipation before the firework.



Dear reader, recognizing the contributions of our heroes are still a mystery. That is why they are pushing and dragging their feet on fire; on through the dirt , on through the heat; and we are ignoring their alarming sound. Asking we, to borrow them our ears. Mr. Silanyo, who gave you the right to tell us that our Heroes can’t marry that beautiful and virgin girl that her dowry are beads of blood. Mr. Silanyo, if you have no confidence in yourself, you are twice defeated in the race of life. How can you prove that you are a man when that young boy of Jibouti Mr. Abu – Lahab, and his Queen Xamaalat – Al – Xatab, calls you a boy. It is not easy being a handsome, when the ugly keeps you down. The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our soul. The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at anytime. Mr. Silanyo, pardon me if you catch me sometimes ripping off the wings of the butterflies. I am a peaceful dove and beautiful peacock. But now, I am in a bad – mood, totally upset and morally down. Because I do not want you to go anywhere you find love and flower. I want you to be mine and mine forever. Read my lips, and go and revise my biography and personal history as a Somalilander. I am allergic to blackmailing and a conditional love of any sort. I want you to be, only where I want you to be. The silence before a victory in equality, parallels the silence after. It is alighted by those who barter their carved flesh. Marriage is a love regardless of external force. A highly respected bond between two persons. Strength is a father’s peace, and struggle is a father’s fight. In history you have to read my heroes torture and pain. Because have hired green men who born yesterday like Mr.Cadanni and embraced Islam after the fall of the Roman Empire in 1990. That is why you never understand, why we couldn’t be friends. Even though Hitler is dead, yet segregation and subordination is not over. That is what Martin, Rosa, and Malcolm X said in briefing. The blood is not dry yet and the bruises are not healed. Ripping off all our rights and taking us as slaves that are held with shackles and handcuffs. The cracking sounds of the raped mothers with tears trembling, and running down their cheeks are still fixed in our memory. Their husbands were slain and slashes whipped with chains and broken bones. Above that, the feelings of being unnoticed and forgotten. My perfect shade is the one that the dumb Cadaani stands under.



The Dish Of The Day: Dear reader, if you have no confidence in yourself, you are twice defeated in the race of life. There are two great days in a person’s life. The day we are born and the day we discover why? The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our soul. As Somalilanders, our mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some humor, and some style. The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. To succeed in life, you need three things; a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone. Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. Dear reader, nowadays there is a widely spread rumor that Abu – Lahab of Jibouti and his Xamaalat – Al – Xatab has hired some hitmen with a good heart under the cover of tourists. Their mission is to get rid off some personality who are citizens of Jibouti but originally their roots from Somaliland. Namely Omer Aideed, and Ahmed osman Geele. Professional Immortal assassins with good heart and with hired guns were sent to Hargeisa under the cover of tourists. According to his perception, they are knights and chivalry of the Cross and they are named as ( The Soldiers of God ). They were assigned to clean entirely the sinister and the sinners on the earth planet. Hiring the best professional Hitman in the World and killer – legends that can move swiftly beneath the concrete tunnels, thick forest and jungle. Leaving no evidence behind and fulfilling their mission and aiming their target with precision and up to the point of perfection. More perfect and talented sharp shooters who are better than Mossad, CIA, and KGB. Their targets drops like flies and no assignment or job is too hard for them. Absolutely there is no one that they can’t kill. Their mission is to silence every mouthpiece of justices and freedom. They are ideal knights, immortal horsemen and noblemen with ethics, courage and humor selected by the Church of England. Murdering both the sheikhs and the Nuns and giving them the last rites after they are killed. Their main purpose and objectivity is to show the Government of Somaliland that it is a Paper – Tiger under the mercy and protection of the merciful and passionate wings of Abu – Lahab and his Xamaalat – Al – Xatab in Jibouti. That is why nowadays our RRu is fully alert and working in a high gear under the guidelines of our Ethiopian friends.





Yusuf Deyr, Hargeisa