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How to make our roads safe in Somaliland Part 2

I urge the government to revise the Somaliland traffic law and to
increase fines and penalties, and I also urge the government of
Somaliland to add demerit point in some places black points which are
points which given to drivers that commit traffic violations and that
will stick on their license and driving record and if they have over
10 points their license will be cancelled for 1-3 months and they
can’t operate a motor vehicle for that period of time, if they are
caught, their license will suspended or cancelled for 6 months.
Pedestrian safety is a must in Somaliland and the pedestrian must know
the dangers of road safety and must be aware of their surroundings,
and pedestrains must be protected in Somaliland by the drivers, and
they must have sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians to cross the
roads cautiously. Drivers must give the pedestrians the right of way,
and be very careful of their surroundings. Emergency vehicles, like
ambluances, fire trucks, and police cars must be given special
priority when responding to emergencies with their sirens on, and that
drivers must be required to come to a complete stop, or pull over to
the side of the driver, and that you must signal to other motorists,
that you are stopping or turning to pullover, and that it is the job
of motorists to let the emergency vehicles get to the emergency
situation on time. Traffic accidents in Somaliland are preventable and
can be overcome with cautious and safe driving.
Warfa Warfa