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People across are the world are two types those earn money through indignity and those earn through dingy. Part 5 of my diary

As I said many times in the past, my series of articles are free any political motivation. Universally, people across the world are two categories namely those known for dishonesty and those known with honesty. Two are two people in any part of the world, people and people without honour. People with good and people good image is not mentality. People we can trust and those not worth trusting as they are known dishonesty. People worth respect and those respect is not in their thoughts.

People have the culture fooling others when they need and shy to behave like this.  People with moral consideration and that morality is not in their mentality.  People have the culture of lying and people feel shy to lie.  People avoid doing shame and people have the culture doing shame through their life. People depends the pockets of other people and those depends on their pockets. People with concise and those born concise less. People lives with dignity and those who without throughout their live.

People that observes religious values and people their mind is free from any religious consideration. People born pride quality and people bad deeds prohibited any pride. People poor financially but rich morally and by heart and people who are rich financially, but morally poor and bankrupt. People who  have good name in the thoughts of the society and those who have bad name in the in the thoughts of the society. Follow part 6 shortly

Ismail  Lugweyne