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How to reduce and get rid of traffic accidents in Somaliland

My theory of road accidents and the cause of that, is the ignorance of
our locals who don’t know the rules of driving or the rules of the
road, and that a drivers license will not help and that with a drivers
license, driver education and defensive driving, road accidents would
decrease not increase, and that you need to have a special knowledge
of driving a motor vehicle. Our people in Somaliland are very
ignorant and arrogant behind the wheel of a automobile and that they
think by driving an automatic car in 3 days will make them a qualified
driver and by getting a drivers license through corruption and no
tests through our government will not make them qualified. Being a
qualified driver takes a test of your knowledge of the rules of the
road, and knowing how to deal in certain situations, and how to be
come a defensive and safe driver on the roads, and after that
knowledge is tested and you have passed you get a permit license, and
with a permit license you can’t drive by yourself accept with a fully
licensed driver with 4 years of experience in the front seat, and that
you need to take a driver education course and it has been one year to
get your license in order to gain driving experience and training.
Being a good driver means dealing in bad weather condition or road
conditions, and how to handle situations while driving. Driving is an
art and requires, knowledge, skills and attitude which the people of
Somaliland don’t have, and they must have it and they must understand
the dangers of driving and they must know about traffic safety. I
urge the government to have real experts not the locals, experts from
the diaspora not foreigners.
We need to tackle this problem, once and for all. Driving license
should be tough and that there must be mandatory driver education and
defensive driving courses to the local Somalilanders. There must be
mandatory training and practices for commercial drivers like bus,
taxi, trucks, and other commercial vehicles and they must the full
Somaliland drivers license for at least 2 years to be qualified and
that I urge the government not let people jump from no license to a
truck license, you have a passenger license first, then you have to do
the tests to get the commercial licenses. There must be zero
tolerance for cars that deliver contraband like Khat and that these
vehicles are not above the love and they must be dealt severely the
way they drive recklessly and endangering many people on the roads,
and they are not above the law. In Somaliland the cause of accidents
of vehicles varies, which is no knowledge of driving or the rules of
the road, aggressive driving and road rage, street racing, dangerous
and careless driving, distracted driving, tailgating or driving to
closely to the vehicle in front, no signal, not stopping at red
traffic lights when the traffic police is not present, and speeding is
the factor of accidents, and we must address this issue as a nation.



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