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Gangsters or Leaders: What Type of Ministers?

Let’s be frank on our destiny and do a soul-searching exercise on those characters on the seat.

Mr Hashi the man who built the Egal Airport and he who deserves to be remembered for this noble cause.  Some are still waiting the landing of Boeing 747 or Airbus 380. You will never know what usually smart gangs set up in the wake of making money. What a glorious speech he has delivered in several occasions looking from the angel of his eyes every 30 seconds to his President, analyzing how profound the President is pleased with his marvelous lecture. [Markaad qunyar dhaqaaqdeed tallaabada aad qaadee, deymadaa ilqabadka leh I qooraansi-eegtey qososhaa nafteydu]!!

Mr Adani the brown wolf, a real gang in terms of fabricating stories and/or purporting a naked denial of any case against the administration. Good to express merciless threats and pumps himself like a cat challenging a dog. It changes its shape and creates a big bulge on her bag almost doubling her size.

Mr Ukuse (Cukuse) the king of the gangs, a forefront fighter with a deafening vocal cord who does not miss his leisure time. Some expressed the kind of Blackwater Company in Iraq. He is an avaricious figure with amplifier who kills mercilessly with his high-pitch voice. An expert in many domains such as livestock who succeeded to win the hearts and minds of his superiors. A wicked sharpshooter who has been assigned to use supersonic killing.

Mr Abdillahi dheere a pseudo-gang who came to power on the basis of a sheer luck has been trying to show miracles in the field of education. Nevertheless, he has committed the biggest crime in Somaliland by blindly supporting false universities and medical schools. He was not smart to advise his client that he should not overtly announce what he has done for him. Wakhtigaa fashiliyey markii jamacadihii uu furey ay ku hadaaqayaan mahad iyo duco ku socoto wasiirka waxbarasha.

Mr Mareexaan is a middle-age but furious gang. He is among the naughtiest and a pure clannist. Having crossed into different roles, he is not so noisy but a quiet killer. He uses the public assets as a cover up, sometime blindly supporting other abusers falsely claiming that he is protecting the national ownership. This gentleman crossed so many redlines while bearing in mind that a limitless protection is available for him and no one on earth can challenge.

Mr Hussein-natural resources just another gang who often shows decency but deep down in his calculating approach. This gang is very shrewed knows how to inject the society with hilarious stories that no one can understand.

This is just a brief sketch of some of the gangs, this poor nation has to challenge. The Colombian Farc war was started between the poor rural communities and the rich urban groups who were determined to suck the national wealth of the country. I’m afraid there will be another Farc in Somaliland if current policies are not reviewed and/or tackled.

Askar Amir