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Drive safetly Somaliland this EID

On behalf of Warfa Motors in Canada, Eid Mubarak to all muslim
celebrating this holiday season. Eid Mubarak to Somaliland my nation
of origin, i would like to give a message to my fellow landers please
drive safetly and don’t act arrogrant behind the wheel, parents please
don’t let your underage children drive a vehicle, it’s dangerous and
illegal. Follow the speed limits and drive in a proper manner, and
give distance to other vehicles and check your mirrors and blind spots
when over taking another vehcile or making turns or chaning lanes.
Somalilanders in Somaliland drive carefully and don’t act like manics
which you guys normally act while being behind the wheel. Rental car
agencies don’t give cars to anyone without a license it’s illegal and
rent to drivers with a license and who are over 25 years old. Please
drive carefully this holiday season.
Warfa Samatar, Toronto, Ontario,Canada