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An Open Letter to the Ethiopian Federal Government

The Ethiopian Isaaqs and non Ogaden clans have been inhumanly killed in masses, arrested unlawfully, their property confiscated illegally and have been displaced from their country simply for being non Ogaden clan by Liyu Police clan militia , former ONLF and Illey, Mohamed A Omar , Jigjiga ruler. The only reason why Illey and Liyu police clan militia victimize non Ogadedn clans, particularly the Isaaq people is for their bravery struggle and ending Siad Barre brutality  who hailed from same clan/Darod of Illey and Liyu Police clan militia, Just like some people in Ethiopia  hold grudge against  TPLF and Tigre people  for overthrowing Mangistu Haile Mariam dictatorial military junta.

     On July 8, 1917 Hasan Saleban Geele former Gashamo court Judge  died in the notorious Jigjiga Jail because of the barbaric torture he had been subjected to since he was arrested , after he contested the massacre which took  place in Jama Dubad last year in June 2016 when  Liyu Police clan militia  Killed fifty one innocent people including  children, young men and elderly in Jama Dubbad village, Gashamo district of Ethiopia after harassing and confiscating belongings and vehicle which belonged to  a young driver involved in an accident with local ambulance vehicle, which could have been solved easily instead of killing innocent people.

      Some of the baseless accusation and reasons for killing Ethiopian Isaaqs  is smuggling contraband, supporting ONLF and Al-shabaab.  Ethiopian Isaaqs have never supported ONLF, since it’s Ogaden tribal terrorist group and never supported Al-shabaab terrorist group.
    In March 2012 Liyu Police clan militia  summarily executed 10 men during operation in Raqda, Gashamo District, solely for being an Isaaq clan, reported by Human Rights Watch.
       Again on March 16, 2012 Liyu Police fataly shot a resident of Raqda Village, Gashamo Distric, who was trying to protect a fellow villager. Same day men from Raqda retaliated and killied 7 Liyu Police members. In retaliation Liyu Police tribal milia killed 10 men who were  in their custody and also killed 9 resident after engaging fight with local men. They abducted 24 men, looted dozen of shops and house.
   On Feb 6, 2013 Liyu Police tribal militia killed Mohamed Qawdhen Abdi, driver, in the vicinity of Farah Liban, Harshin, same area where Liyu Police killed number of civilians in Sept 2013.Qawdhan was driving from Harta Shiekha to Harshin when 2 Liyu Police stopped him and opened fire and shot him at close range without any question. Since the Liyu Police officers were related to the Abdi Mohamed Omar, current Somali Ethiopian president, no one could pursue charges against them as it was normal for Liyu Police to terrorize, kill and rape resident of Hawd, Ethiopia.
    On  September  11, 2012 Liyu Police tribal militia killed 12 civilians , one female and eleven males in the vicinity of Elmi Hersi within Harshin zone. All killings in these region or area happened simply because the people belong to to Isaaq Clan as Human Right Watch reported. Same time 57 Isaq Somali Pastorals where arrested and kidnapped from Lanqeerta and were taken to Jigjiga and accused of being foreigners,from Somaliland.
        Hundreds of Isaaq and other non Darod clans  like Gadabursi and Issa  who called home Jigjiga and other cities in Kilil Five  left  for Somaliland and Djibouti after their homes and business were confiscated by Liyu Police clan militia and Illey supporters after they  endured an  unending  harassment and intimidation since Illey took over Jigjiga Administration. Moreover Somaliland merchants from Hargiesa and Borama are harassed on daily bases when they try to cross the check points between Ethiopia and Somaliland manned by Liyu Police and Illey  security agents.
    Where on the other  hand Abdi Omar/Illey and Liyu Police allow and partner with Puntland and Buhoodle clan militia in  human trafficking and  illegal contraband business and merchandise  enter Ethiopia illegally because of clan affiliation/Darod. No single incident have happened whether it’s  killing or complaints at the check points in Buhodle or Puntland bordering Ethiopia.
     The plight of the non Ogaden clans, particularly Isaaq clan in Kilil 5 is  similar to the plight the Somaliland people and the Ethiopian people had  endured under Siad Barre and Mangistu. As a proud Ethiopian who’s roots hail from Somaliland like late Abdul-Majid Hussein , one of the founding fathers of EPRDF and Federal System of Ethiopia. In Dre-Dewa late 70s/early 80s  I witnessed the killing and the atrocities committed against the Ethiopian people by Mangistu in the name of Red Terror, as I witnessed after I fled Ethiopia in Hargiesa the plight and the suffering of Isaaq people under Siad Barre.
    Even thought Illey brags about destroying ONLF,what he calles UBBO, he’s not doing a favor for the Ethiopian Government except shame and act of inhumane and barbaric killing of innocent people. With ONLF all Illey did was recruit them and turn them to Liyu Police clan/Ogaden militia to kill and displace non Ogaden clans from the Somali Ethiopian region. Liyu Police clan militia is nothing but legalized ONLF tribal militia in uniform going after non Ogaden clans who were against ONLF formation from the beginning.
       Therefore we sincerely urge the Ethiopian Federal Government to visit the notorious Jigjiga prison manned by Liyu Police clan militia and check the welfare of non Ogaden prisoners held there and transfer them to a federal prison.The situation of the non Ogaden clan prisoners in Jigjiga is like  wolf/Liyu Police guarding sheep, in other words having a fox in the henhouse. We sincerely ask the Ethiopian Government to ask Illey to hand over the remains/dead body of Hassan Saleeban Gelle to his family  for proper burial and autopsy to determine the cause of his death.
       Hundreds of Somali Ethiopian from all walks of life who fought for the Ethiopian people’s freedom left their country to live in disparate situation in Djibouti and Somaliland after their homes and business were confiscated by  Illey and his clan militia, Liyu Police. We understand that Ethiopia is going through tough times because of the ethnicity hatred based movement perpetrated by foreign driven agenda to dismantle and disintegrate Ethiopia, but we hope after the dust settles and the Ethiopian people come together in peace and harmony that Illey and his cronies will test justice.
Massacred in Jama Dubad     Inline image 1

Massacred in Jama Dubad
Mohamud Samatar