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Somali Hub Muqdisho- When Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo rejected an offer of 80 million  US Dollars to sever diplomatic relations with the state of Qadar, reactions to the president`s courageous decision of reacting of Saudi Arabia`s conditional aid were not limited to Somalia.
Across Africa, people reacted on what Somalia`s decision means for Africa and here are some of what they wrote on facebook.
Negus Meressa:  I am falling for this determined and courageous new generation Somali president.
Akioya Charles: The Republic  of Chad should draw lessons from Somalia despite burdened with famine and terrorism, yet snubbed such a massive amount of cash from Trump inspired Saudi.  You don`t take side with a nation as callous and sinister as Saudi in cutting off diplomatic ties with a very decent nation like Qadar.
Girme Haile: Thanks Farmajo.  Africans need this kind of leaders.
Kemoh Koroma: Mr. president, I salute you for this very decisive decision and your stand, you are a true patirot, may Allah protect you.
Mwl Nangabo Nangabo: Please Somalia, give us your president to rule Kenya for the next five years. Thank you.
Balaji Kasirajan: Good move Mr. president.  The Somali Parliament should be credited for electing an honest, dignified and conscious person to lead the country.
Kur Mabuoch-jokkuei: Bravo president for protecting the integrity of Somalis people.  Yesterday Somalia was given 50 million US Dollars to cut ties with Islamic republic of Iran and today different president different policies.
GK Rukundo: He is a true African man who never takes his nose in other people`s pockets for cheap things that usually back fire in future.  There is a many examples of african leaders that have lost it all in duchy similar “kakwisi” acts. Thumbs up for #Farmajo
Vakindu Philliam: Africa needs more of these principled leaders.
James Byejwe: Very good Mr. president, bigup. I wish every somali citizen should support this movement and stop terrorism and Alshabaab actions.
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