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Stop dangerous “Trump ification” of regional politics in Persian Gulf .

Escalating a feud among Persian Gulf monarchs, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on Friday listed 59 people and a dozen organizations said to have links to Qatar, including prominent Qatari businessmen, politicians and royalty, as aiding terrorism.

The move came on the same day the United States sent mixed messages about the deepening crisis: Just minutes after Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson urged calm and an easing of the embargo on Qatar, President Trump again publicly accused the country of funding terrorism.

Qatari officials have repeatedly denied supporting terrorist groups and said the emirate works closely with Western security agencies to crack down on terrorist financing.

Germany’s foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, had previously attributed the escalation of the dispute to what he called a dangerous “Trumpification” of regional politics.

“Such a Trumpification of relations with one another is particularly dangerous in a region that is already rife with crises,” he told the German newspaper Handelsblatt in an apparent reference to President Trump’s suggestion on Twitter that he had encouraged the other Arab states to take action against Qatar as a sponsor of
“President Trump scrambled American diplomacy on two fronts on Friday, delivering a stinging rebuke of Qatar at the very moment his secretary of state was trying to mend fences in the Persian Gulf, while at the same time reaffirming support for NATO two weeks after he had declined to do so. ” ——–confused
~ NY Times ~

لن نركع للأ السعود الظالمين نحن مع قطر المظلومه …. يا شعب قطر الباسل شعب الصومال لا ينسى جميلكم عليه أنتم و تركيا الحبيبه نحن معكم بالعظم أي والله

We agree with the hero  Herr Sigmar Gabriel its irresponsible and dangerous “Trumpification” of regional politics. But we go further then that its SIISIM(  Mr. Siisi of Egypt ) , Tumpism and WAHABISIM of Suadi Arabia combine called TRUWASISIDon’t Forget UNITED STATES OF AMERICA told us before 19 terrorist who hijacked planes and knocked down TWIN TOWERS were Saudi’s but there was no embargo .. call me stupid .

Most of the people in that terrorist list are went to QATAR under blessing of U. S OF A The great President Obama asked QATAR to help him host some of the most dangerous terrorists who give up violence as sort of second Guantanamo bay , his Administration also asked QATAR to host some of escaped Muslim Brotherhood after the SISI coup , please don’t forget like them or hate them Muslim Brotherhood were last democratically elected government in Egypt but we wonder if Mr. Trump believes democracy .

As We The People …..Die hart supporters of President Obama We Urge him and Democratic party to don’t let QATAR down if it helped you to make sanctuaries for Ex-Jihadists it was your dirty laundry from President Bush Era QATAR just helped ….. Speak out Senator Franken , Speak out Senator Diane Feinstein Speak out Senator Brown , Speak out Secretary Kerry …… after all speak out Madame President Hillary Clinton ….. Where are You Mr. President Obama ?!!  America deserves better ……

Ahmed Jigga