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Why celebrating 18 may is important to me

I want to extend greetings and wish somali landers happy 18 may  . We know our young country faces enormous  challenges with things like security challenges ,we face affects of global warming  as we very often somaliland faces frequent droughts with the last one devastating  somaliland in the lasthe seven months . More over as we all know somaliland is situated  in hostile region  where we have terrorist alshabaa  in Somalia  ,we also face our neighbour Somalia which has no effective government. In terms of somaliland getting recognition  by the international  community Somalia is our greatest hindrance to our statehood. I believe somaliland is at the Cross Road where we seen traitors such as  singers,journalists  and some other mindless people who we as the somaliland youth will never forgive the damage they tried to inflict to our state building why becuase they sensed as if though there was weakness but as proud people we always stand firm when tested .so I congratulate  the somaliland government for dealing with those hideous  traitors with iron fist also I want congratulate the our national police  and army for keeping our country safe with the will of Allah.  I want let somalilanders know despite our difference we share Comm on dream and aspirations which bound us together yes we belong to different political parties and different tribe that does not mean we hate each  other instead we love each other because at the end of the day we have the same enemy. I know remind the somaliland youth to take responsibility  and I want the youth who  are educated to learn their history from elders . I want the youth to know our SNM heroes who fought for the peace we enjoy today did not die for no reason today o somaliland youth our country needs our out most efforts to deal with those  who hate everything we stand for ,those who seek to destroy us we must be ready for them since they always seek to make lose interest with our God given freedom and statehood. God bless somaliland .somaliland is here to stay in Shaa Allah and we shall not ever falter of our efforts to decide our own destiny. Happy 18 may .



fuad galaydh