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Congratulations to Amīr AL-Mu’minīn ( أمير المؤمنين‎‎ ) President Tayyip Erdogan

With great pleasure we received the news that the Turkish citizens have given you their trust and Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) for voting with great majority Evet ( YES ) to referendum . We are sure when the dust has settled we will find  that Evet ( YES) camp and Hayir ( NO ) camp united as proud Turkish people under your leadership ., the real challenge will start now and we will say our prayers and dua’a for you as members of Great UMMAH . Once again , on our personal behalf readers of international website of Oodweynenews Media and on behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Somaliland , We are  extending you cordial congratulations .
Allow us , distinguished Mr. President, on this solemn occasion to express our satisfaction with the exceptionally high level of brotherhood relations and cooperation between our countries. We are convinced that in the future the cooperation will not only continue but will be intensified in all areas of mutual interest, thus we want to reiterate our  and the Republic of Somaliland.  We would like to express our gratitude for the unconditional support that the Republic of Turkey gives to the Somali speaking people and Muslim world , as well as to emphasize the utmost belief and expectation that it will continue in the coming period.
President Recep Tayyip has brought dignity to Turkey , to Muslim World and is a beacon for all people of the world. May ALLAH Bless UMMAH , May ALLAH Bless Turkey , May ALLAH Bless Tayyip and keep Them  in the security of ALLAH.
Sincerely ;
We The People , Of Somaliland .