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Give Me The Hammer, A fly Is Running On My Face

Hope is like the rain that gently falls upon the fields that lulls my devastated broken heart. It protects it from solitude, loneliness, and that depression that often chases me because of the impact of the of the ill – deeds of the dark bottle, Mr.Silanyo and his top Aides like Mr. Dust Free. It patters down so gently, a sound that brings the sense of peace and tranquility in to my mind and soul. when it strikes the iron roof on the ceiling of my destitute shack. Smoothness and cheering follows the rain dimple drops that are reflected by the sun light beams, so soft, so still, and so sure. Hence I can perform my daily five ritual – prayers at ease, and in unruffled serene, tranquility and peace of mind. As far as peace sustains; love can exist and endure. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is the game of the play. The right rite – passage, and the stage of a person’s advance through life. But we are driven by force through the gun – point to watch a badly conceived concert that the actor is an aging and a dying actor. Exhausted man that had declared bankruptcy of vision and mind and the gift of the second thought. An aging actor who doesn’t believe in the day of judgment. I hate to watch a film with a dying actor. The country has been hijacked by an interest group hungry for pain and blood. Mr.Silanyo believes that death is the end of life and he and his top – Aides are cynical about the day of judgment.

Dear reader, whenever I feel relax and peace of mind to concentrate and focus on the situation room, trying to shoot sharp marked by precision in my basket – court, an alien trespasses in to my back – yard, interrupts me, drags my attention and piss me off. Give me the Hammer, a fly is running on my nose. Dear reader, on 14th March instant, I have published an article related to that naive, gold digger and money – manic named, Mrs Diva who worships money and goes wherever it may lead her, but by accident she was called as Yurub Geynyo. Condemning her double face personality which was under mask for a couple of years. But on Feb 2017, she unveiled her mask and has showed her true image and has chosen to be an ally with her Godfather, Mr. Farmajo. Trying to parallel herself to Abwaan Hadraawi and Abwaan Abdi Qaiys who can’t be stained and their merit is bigger than Qulateyn. Whatever change of mood they show; they have an immunity for life and they already had been engaged their luxury- apartments in the promised paradise of Allah. Because they already sacrificed with bone and blood in our days of doom and gloom; and they are the Icon and the true Emblem of Somaliland. While Yurub Geynto is an alien that came to Somaliland by accident and we share her nothing in bone or in blood. She is a Refugee – Claimer from Jigjiga who is married to a Somalilander; and she has lied about her background as a Refuge – Claimer. Now the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Somaliland rejected her refugee status; after she declared her affection and sincerity to the Evil – Empire in Mogadishu, which is the only arch enemy of Somaliland. Because he denies our existence and Sovereignty as a free Independent State.

She has nobody to blame but herself and her ugly deeds. Because she has mixed gun – powder with alcohol. Let she know that all Somalilanders are Sahra Ahmed, Hibo Nura, Idil Barkhaf, and mandeeq. We have no a room in our heart for a hypocrite Singer. She stood bare – naked on the opposite bank of the river. Hell with her and with her culture of abusing and lying about her Identity, genuine Love and Nationalism. She became a passenger in a football -team.


Dear reader, give me the Hammer, a fly is running on my face. But due to my great disappointment and surprise, I have read an article written by somebody called Ahmed Jigga. That name tastes like those names of snobbish kids in Mogadishu, like Jango. Condemning me, incriminating me as a racist, and accusing me as a hate – monger and framing me as a vulgar that utters slurring words to an innocent Somaliland Singer. Sometimes I hate democracy and ask me, no why? Because it gives rights and authorizes to a narrow – minded like Dr. False, to label himself as a hero and parallel himself to other men of wisdom and with a stroke of genius. Then he knocks the doors of heaven and burbles all doubts. Mr. False Doctor from Mogadishu, it is not your legal rights to put words in to my mouth and incriminate me for a crime I didn’t commit. All what I said about Yurub Geynyo is that she has lied to the whole Somalilanders by filing a false case of Refugee – Claimer. Guess what ! A white Red – Neck judge like Dr. False and a black man in court. What do you expect? Say guilty. Dear reader, just for the sake of amusement, if you ask any passenger on the bus, to tell you his personal background story. And if you find a single one who hasn’t often claimed that he used to be a son of a prince and he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, and he is the most noble man in the whole World; you can throw me overboard the bus, first. Mr. False Doctor, instead of beating about the bush and hiding your true identity; please tell me your true identity and I will tell you; who you are. I say that because all Somalilanders they hate and disgust to disguise their identity and to be suspected of being a hypocrite. They have the same culture; from Ellaayo To Looya Adde. They all speak from their heart; not from their minds. How do you want to convince the Somalilanders that you are a true believer in Somaliland; and at the same time you anchor sincere and honest love to Mogadishu and Mr. Farmaajo. Mr. False Doctor, put the shoe on the right foot. Here in Somaliland, it is a free World and we can shout at each but we can’t shoot each other. You have the choice to say that you born and bred in Somaliland; but you personally believe in Great Somalia. But remember! who is not proud to be a Somalilander; he is not fit to live in Somaliland. It is your choice and you are free to go. But you can’t claim that you are a true Somalilander and at the same time adorn the Evil – Empire in Mogadishu who steals the gold teeth from the dead body. Please check your equation one more time. Mr. False Doctor, I can read and hunt in your heart but I can’t recall your name. I am deadly sure that you are one of those snobbish kids of Mogadishu who has grown up and raised by toxic mushrooms and you are hiding your true identity. Because you know that I have a Tactical Flashlight that blinds those poisonous snakes and scorpions from Mogadishu.

Secondly, if you are a true Doctor, how come you get time to be a solicitor and a barrister for a minor case like this? Your peers are busy with finding solutions for the current critical and miserable situation of all Somalis. The Gloves don’t fit the arm. That is a question crying for an answer. Mr. False Doctor, all what I can say to you. The ungrateful son is a wart on his father’s face; to leave it is a blemish, to cut it off is pain. You are incriminating your Step – Father by putting words in to his mind; and announcing publicly that he has written a slanderous report about your hard – die – fan, that Gold – Digger with the double face and double personality, that money – maniac called, Mrs. Diva, or Yurub Geynyo. Mr. False Doctor from Mogadisu, this time I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but watch out for the next time. If you cross the line again and make trespassing into my backyard. You will hear your teeth crashing and chattering against each other, and your bones rattling in your body. I am not threatening you, but your destination will end there. Please don’t put words in to my mouth. All what I have said is that. Mrs. Diva, Yurub Geynyo had lied to all Somalilanders; more than the Tobacco Industry had lied to the Whole World. Mark my words now and never try to blemish my record, either in writing or in character. You must comply with the criminal trial definition according to our old Indian Panel Code, as I disregard that constitution that was prepared by the Italian Mafiya of Mogadishu.

Dr. Maya Angelou said, envy is a littleness of Soul, which can’t see beyond a certain point, and if it does not occupy the whole space, feels itself excluded. Take heed your harbour not that vice called Envy. Lest another’s happiness be your torment, and God’s blessings become your curse. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.
Watch out ! A true Somalilander speaks from his heart; not from his mind.

But remember ! As an old dog let me tell you, that In life, it is always possible to reach an agreement in the end.
Give me the Hammer, a fly is running on my nose.

Yusuf Deyr, Hargeisa