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Somaliland Should cancel May 18th Parties in the diaspora and at home in Somaliland this because of the drought in Famine Somaliland

This year we should cancel Somaliland May 18th Parties this year in both places in home and aboard and that those who decide to throw the party in the diaspora and home should be punished by the government because we can’t have parties because our people are dying of this drought and famine and they are living in hunger and poverty and we can’t be dancing and partying away this year and we as Somalilanders have to make sacrifices and that many people will be upset this however if decide to Party this May 18th and the drought is still here we can’t live like this and if the government can postpone the elections we¬†have to postpoy ne May 18th parties like up until August 18th and we can’t have it in June because of Ramadan and we can’t have in July because of Somalia’s independence and that I breaks my heart to see the situation Somaliland is in now with the drought and will make feel guilty to celebrate May 18th while People are dying in Somaliland due to hunger, and that I implore the government to cancel May 18th parties in the diaspora and at home this May.
Warfa, Warfa Brampton, Ontario, Canada