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Forgotten Famine?

Somaliland is laying horn Africa, it is semi-antonym region declared self determination to separated Somali republic 1991, but not recognized the world yet it has own working system and democratic process nearly three decade.
Now it facing extreme famine, more than one million people nearly to die lack of food, water and shelter, almost animals such sheep, goats, cows and camels finished to died, there is no any foreign aid at all even if UN remark of Somalia drought no mentioned such that areas attacked extreme famine, this nature catastrophe hit all the regions of Somaliland particularly Sool, Sanaag, Togdheer, Saahil, and Maroodijeeh regions, those regions most rural people close to die coming days if there will no rain.

We urge Somaliland people where ever you are outside or inside as well as International community, UN Agencies, AU, IGAD, ARAB LEAGE and OIC to look sympathy those people no hear their voices up to now, they will die soon if there so emergencies food, water and shelter we call for world tycoons and governments to help our dying people.
It is shame all over the world to watch out people dying lack of food, water and shelter, all most their rearing animals dead for the drought over 80% and they die soon if there is no support from you!
We call for Somaliland Government to impose state emergency and focus on people dying for famine.
It’s government responsibility to lead coordination and support for starvation people emergency.

By Mohamed Ali.