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Muse Bihi accused Faisal Ali Waraabe touring the world while the reality is contrary and Faisal Ali Waraabe occupied touring the world for the common shared interest of his people that Muse Bihi never pays attention.

Muse Bihi who is from glass house background (criminal past) should not throw stones to the houses made of concrete walls which mean people of bad background like him should not criticizes other people. A house made of glass can easily break. Muse Bihi must think twice before he accuses anyone in view of his past criminal records. Over the last 25 years, Muse Bihi using the tribal ticket in Somaliland, but at present his tribal ticket become abortive as this become now like an expiry food that no one is willing to buy being expired product. Last year Kulmiye government has delayed voter’s registration simply of the drought that bite some parts of Somaliland, but it astonishing that, the devastating drought which 100 times worse than the drought that caused our voter’s registration last year has no impact to the moral of Muse Bihi which mean Muse Bihi prefers his selfish interest than the lives of quarter population of Somaliland if not more. Muse Bihi has acted the worst double standard in the history of mankind. A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situation.

.It is therefore described as a biased or morally unfair application of the principle that all are equal treatment for same situation which mean unjustified because it violates equality before the law. A double standard violates this principle by holding different people accountable according to different standards. In this contest, Muse Bihi kept blind yes for a circumstances that he paid attention last year and this evidence that Muse rotates within the axis of his personal interest. His personal wish is more important than the combined population of Somaliland which mean his personal wish speaks louder for him above four million populations. Muse Bihi false allegation against Faisal Ali Waraabe has surprised every true and kind hearted Somaliland citizen as that allegation is contrary the reality in the country and as a result Muse Bihi is recognized, identified the most illogic person in the history of Somaliland. It is rigt that Faisal Ali Waraabe travels tours in the world, but his tour is limited for the promotion of the legitimate cause of his people that Muse Bihi never pays attention. As Faisal said, Kulmiye government has rejected the proposal of Somaliland election commission which was to hold election 20 months ago and therefore any new date to hold election proposed by Somaliland election commission is null and void unless accepted by two Somaliland opposition parties Acid and Wadani

Muse Bihi never pays attention above his personal interest and commonsense which is shared commodity throughout the world did not constitute any sense for Muse Bihi. Muse Bihi is short sighted politician who never think the impact of his fake accusations to others, but fake accusations is like fake money which no one is willing to accept or taking. If Muse Bihi has a little commonsense, he should have been apologized to the people of Somaliland on his role for the civil war in 1994 and last 1997 as he is the master brain that engineered that civil war that took the lives of hundreds of Somaliland citizens and property destruction estimated over millions of dollars and forced over half million citizen refugees to neighbouring countries. In the eyes of Somaliland people, Muse Bihi is the foundation for the tribalism, corruption, false propaganda, nepotism, favoritism, vote buying, injustices, power abuse, anti free & fair election. Muse Bihi never pays attention good moral, good image, moral mandatory values, self respect, ethics, the welfare of his people, the services of his people , the impact of the devastated drought that effected one million people and their lives.

He never pays awareness the poverty, the hunger, the suffering of his people; the devastating drought that affected large portion of his state, the worsening circumstances of his people day after day as the lives of his people did made serious concern or any impact to him. Anything looks bad in the eyes of the people looks good and common habits for him. Muse Bihi never spares any effort how to destabilize Somalia to gain his personal wishes in the expanse of the common shared interest of his people. His mentality works anti clock wise or wrong direction. Good system of governance like transparency spending and accountability are not in thoughts of Muse Bihi. In the past has looted the strategic assets of Somaliland using clan militia that loyal him. His corruption and dishonesty are the main setback for the development of his state, but fighting is noble duty and challenge of every true citizen regardless his place of origin as fighting corruption is self defence and patriotism. At present, he transferred the whole administration to serve his election campaign.

The entire resources of the state spends his polluted election campaign which is based on corruption, vote buying, vote rigging and creating hostility among Somaliland population and destroying the unity of his people. It is unfortunate that our limited resources fallen in the hands like Kulmiye leadership. All the rules and regulations of his own party have failed because of his personal wish, but corrupting your people is like a crime against humanity and this why fighting and eradicating corruption is noble and moral responsibility to every true citizen of this country as there is development taller or bigger than fighting the political corruption like in the case of Sharif Hassan. His corruption level become major concern for the lives of our people as this has caused an extensive poverty and economic crisis to our people. Kulmiye government hatred, discrimination, tribalism and injustices have lot of layers, but discriminating, hating and committing injustices against certain portion of Somaliland people unjustified morally wrong and unacceptable.

Kulmiye government and their party are always on wrong side of any argument, short of mandatory moral principles which is the foundation of good citizen and commonsense understanding. Their party policy is based on hatred, discrimination, tribalism and injustices, nepotism, favouritism and double standard. Their discrimination has a lot of layers. Hating and discrimination your people like Kulmiye government because of their clan origin morally wrong, unjustified and unacceptable. Human being has many colours, but human blood is always red. The discrimination of Kulmiye government imposes threat to the unity of Somaliland people. In conclusion, the lives of one million Somaliland should be considered before speaking election as there is nothing above the lives of one million people. We the majority of Somaliland citizens fully supports the noble role played the two opposition parties, Acid and Wadani.

Ismail Lugweyne