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The End Of The Rainbow : The New Years Resolution

In the morning the sun rises with beams of love, passion and freedom for a beautiful World. But we, human beings make it a hard place to live in. Introducing the stigma of hate, slavery, exploitation, greed and creating malice among family and friends. Upsetting and poisoning the mother – nature with pollution and contamination. Our culture of corruption, selfishness and greed makes it a hard place to live in. As I am getting older, sleep became hard to find out due to the speed – bump of Mr. Silanyo on our path to the future – prospects. I often have premonitory bad dreams and sleep – apnea, partly because of the political hiccups of Mr. Silanyo and partly because of the monkey – business and the political mess due to his narrow vision and greed. Although I am not smart enough to interpret these nightmare dreams; yet it signals in my intuition the mysterious setbacks and exploitation in the political – arena and it’s dark consequences. Introducing us to some alien and unlabelled elements of this country, who are made of pastry – cream. Like Mrs Drought A. Winter, the money – vacuum with the gold fingers. Whom her mother refused to breastfeed her and she was raised by a bottle – milk. That is why she hates the Hawd Region people and that is why she has denied to offer them the Survival – Kit of the Water – Supply. And our own Minister of propaganda for Hitler regime, Mr. Joseph Goebbels, at the present called, Mr. Saxardiid Cadaani, Who says, ” I don’t care If I give a wonderful aesthetically, elegant speeches that conquer and capture the hearts and minds of the intellectuals. All my assignment is that, my propaganda should be popular, although it is neither intellectually pleasing, nor discovers truths and facts. But it should make the impossible possible by molding it until they clothe ideas, disguised and to look to be true, and to be remembered and heard by all. It must be felt like to speak sincerely and to let the masses hear the rumbling deep sound of my voice. ” Mr. Dark Heart, thank you for forcing the media and the press to act as a great Piano – Keyboard on which the Government alone can play. That is how you successfully convinced your audience in Burao that your Crocodile – Tears was true, and you have acted typically like a convinced – pacifist. A perfect drama that gives you the confidence of your Godfather, Mr. Xabiib Burqiiba and his better – half, Mrs. Wasiila. Pushing and dragging our feet on fire, through the ditch of shame, and through malice and hatred among family and friends. Recruiting and mobilizing for the political leadership of Somaliland some unrefined candidates as the front runners. Mr. Silanyo, the true word is not admitted for it’s fluff in my opening lines, but the honesty it stands for. I can imagine how you get irritated when you hear my ugly voice. But me, I feel comfortable and relax, when I pretend as Professor and Abwaan Hadrawe.


Speaking on behalf of those who has lost their mandate and voices, acting as a whistle – blower for the silent majority and a speaker on their behalf. A genuine speaker for those who are in the position of a devoted Mother who is too afraid to speak for herself and for the deserted orphans of our deceased Heroes; fearing of being called, a bitch. Personally, I don’t appreciate or value those cosmetic dirty money that is shoved through our throats to make my words more tasty, juicy and favorable to your side and taste. So that you look pretty and good Boss. Mr. Silanyo, It is my pleasure to see you got irritated when you hear me howling like a maimed and an injured dog. But a drawing in, the breath of freedom, and inspiration on behalf of the poor man on the street, that makes me relax and comfortable. Mr. Silanyo, the shoe knows if the socks has a hole. Mr. Silanyo, as I have been narrated by your favourite Immam, Sheikh Abdulaziz Samale. In the old Bible Testament ( Genesis ) a rainbow appears right after the Great World Flood brought in order to remove sinful and evil minded men from the earth. It symbolized God’s mercy and the covenant he made with prophet Noah, representing the mankind. Owing to your miscalculated equation, it is the end of the rainbow. Please don’t let it bother you. Just have some cheese with your cup of whine. Your personal slander and hatred won’t make us down. Greed’s worst point is it’s ingratitude. Ungrateful man like you is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where it come from. If there is a crime of deeper dyne than all the guilty – train of human vices, it is ingratitude. Mr. Silanyo, Charles De Gaulle said, patriotism is when the love of your own people comes first. Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men, the other 999 follow women. Nothing more detestable does the earth produce than ungrateful man. Our hearts are where they buried our heroes, our love is where we spent our toil and our faith. Our hope, and our honor; we pledge to our native soil, Somaliland. God gave all men all earth to love. But since our hearts are so small, ordained for each one spot should prove, and beloved over all. Mr. Silanyo, every coming New Year’s Resolution is often fail because of toxic emotions and experiences from your dark past that you have planned to sabotage us; or keep us stuck with the same old thoughts, patterns and regret. That is why we are always dealing with issues like repent, regret, anger, and sorrow. It is the most important work in preparing ourselves for love. Dear reader, Mr. John Maxwell once said. ” Leaders who are kind of insecure or egocentric ( self – centred ), they basically sabotage themselves. That is why Mr. Silanyo is saying. ” There is an inherent thing in me. where, if things going smooth, I will sabotage the hell out of them. Just to make the music more of sanctuary.


Mujahid Musa Bihi says, ” I do not deny that I planned Sabotage in some cases. I did not plan it in a spirit of recklessness, nor because I had any love of violence. But I had planned it as a result of a calm and sober assessment of the political situation that had arisen after I had experienced many years of sabotages, exploitation and oppression of myself by the Kulmiye Central Committee under the dictation of Mr. Silanyo. I am a terrible dumb student up to now who couldn’t catch up the Silanyo College of politics.


For the last seven years I couldn’t finish the first chapter of the Homework that I had been assigned by my Godfather, Mr.Silanyo. I have used behavior modification to break the cycle. I started by setting an arbitrary time limit on studying. For every ten minutes of study, I would allow myself an hour of thinking and daydreaming. I am that cat with the nine lives that has more tenacious of life than the other animals. I am the comeback kid of Somaliland. That is why I had set the Siren – alarm. Mediocrity scares me. It is the fear of not being as good as you want me to be. I am the only survivor of many losers and heart – broken victims of my peers. That is the legacy of stabbing at the back my comrade and colleague in the War – Ditch, Mr. Abdurahman Abdulkaader Farah. It is a skid – mark in my life. But now, it is too late to discover. ” Mujahid Musa Bihi, there are two types of pain a person may go through life. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons. Mujahid Musa Bihi, take my advice with a grain of salt. Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan, John F. Kennedy said. The only alternative you have to survive is to fortify your castle by reconciling with your Old – Camp, the Madasha Wada Tashiga. Take my advice with a grain of salt.


Mr. silanyo, today is the end of the rainbow.   The main causes of the fall of your own Roman Empire are: 1)  Antagonism between the Traditional Leaders without the moustache, and the National Assemble who are just a rubber – stamp to your wishes and desires.  They are the occupants of a poor beehive and you are the barren – Queen.  2) Failing economy, spread of disease, sweeping drought and famine; plus unemployment.  These are the symptoms of your killing disease.  3) Few getting rich with dirty money and kickbacks while millions are eating the bugs and dying for the lack of drops of drinking water.  4) prices are skyrocketing, and inflation is on the climax.   5) Decline in ethics and moral values.  6) too many inexperienced Chefs in our Kitchen – Soup.    7) The outcry for justice of the Kurdish  in the East regions and the Wahabists in the West to get their fair share of the big pie.  8) putting a gag in the mouth of the free press and media. 9 ) The worst and the most destructive factor is making secret deals, contracts, treaties and smuggling our Natural Resources in a black – market.  Shipping containers loaded with tons of minerals on daily bases and claiming by your Minister of Natural Resources as samples for Laboratory Research.  Mountains of granite stones from Qoli – U – jeed village are transported to neighbouring Ethiopia under a secret deal.  More abhorring than all that.  Giving a secret Military – Base to the Arab – Emirates who can’t stand on their feet and they can defend neither you nor themselves. More than that, it will create a lot of hostility and enmity to us among the neighbouring countries.   A secret deal that nobody knows it’s bonds, minutes and conditions except your close nephews that you breastfeed them alone.  Mr. Silanyo, nothing is new under the sun.  That is a great shame and disgusting in rank and file on your reputation as a leader for this poor nation.


Mr. Silanyo, my favourite deceased Hero and one of the Military Commanders of the SNM Mujahedeen, Mr. Six once said. ” The day the soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you stopped leading them. They have either lost their confidence that you can help them, or concluded that you don’t care. Either case is a failure of leadership. There is a difference between being a leader and being a boss. Both are based on authority. A boss demands blind obedience; a leader earns his authority through understanding and trust. The challenge of leadership is to be strong but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be a humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly. A great leader attracts people and knows how to hold them and bind them together. Tribalism is like alcohol. First it makes you drunk, then it makes you blind, and at last it kills you. As Somalilanders, it is our form of Idolatry, it is our insanity, and our cult. We need an honest dictator like Mr. M White to curb it firmly. Not lip service and hypocrisy. Lies blinds us to guilt and shame.


Mr. Mohamed Aw Said, from Russia with love. The New Cabdi Xoosh of Somaliland. when eagles are silent, parrots begin to chatter, Mr. Winston Churchill said. Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die. Anyone can hold the helm when the weather is calm. Our own Cabdi Xoosh of Somaliland, please don’t be ungrateful to Somaliland. Allah is watching you. Just remember your financial Status of yesterday. According to your attitude, if your clansmen seize the political leadership in Somaliland. You will keep money and beautiful ladies as a hostage. Remember ! Our new Cabdi Xoosh of Somaliland. Money is the root of all evil. If you persist, insist and continue to manipulate the monopoly of the economy and commerce of this country, you will die young. Not by a bullet, but by the Eye – Evil of this poor people which you were one of them, just yesterday. Living from hand to mouth and selling the ragged clothes, like shaggy coats, which they call in Somali ( Who Died ? ) Today you have a monopoly on our Communication System and you are acting as the Ministry of Communication. You have the authority and power to cut us out of the whole World through the Monopoly of Our Internet. So that, whenever our brother – In – Law in Jibouti who breastfeeds you, President Omer Geele gets mad at us; you can cut the Life – Support System in our Emergency Room. Mr. Cabdi xoosh of this Era, we know that you have all the means and resources to run and manipulate the Somaliland Government, from prince to peasant. But remember ! Tomorrow is another day.
Dear reader, ingratitude and nepotism is Mr. Silanyo’s nature.
Mr. Silanyo, The Three Piece Suit Is Yours And The Shame Is Ours.
Yusuf Deyr, Hargeisa